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What tea set is suitable for making tea?

What tea set is suitable for making tea?

  • Saturday, 18 May 2019
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Have you used it correctly?

Tea friends often ask, what kind of tea is made in purple sand pots, and what kind of tea is made in covered bowls?

The collocation of tea and tea sets is a confusing problem for many people. However, a cup of tea would like to venture to ask, do you have the basic skills of making tea skilled?

At the beginning of learning to make tea, you can use a universal white porcelain cup to practice. After you have mastered the three basic elements of making tea (see the "Classroom" column the day before yesterday for details), you can consider the matching of tea sets, water injection techniques and so on. If there is no basis for tea making and tasting, the matching of tea sets and tea is meaningless.

So don't worry about making tea. Learn to walk before you run. Today's content is more suitable for advanced tea friends.

Porcelain tea set

Fine soil, high sintering temperature

The fetus is thin and the sound of knocking is clear and crisp.

Smooth and compact surface, no water absorption and no odor absorption

High density and fast heat transfer

Because of these characteristics, ceramic tea sets are suitable for brewing tea with clear style. The ceramic tea sets have fast heat transfer and no fragrance absorption, which can vividly express the flavor of tea and make the tea fragrant and delicious.

Suitable brewing tea

Green tea, Jasmine tea, flower-scented black tea, fresh-scented Tieguanyin, Baihao silver needle and so on.

As for the choice of porcelain teapot or porcelain cover bowl, there are two main differences between the two:

Differences in Juxiang

The ampulla is large and recessive, which can better gather and retain the tea fragrance.

Covered bowl is open, easy to spread tea fragrance.

Speed of effluent

The cup cover outlet is easy to control, the water outlet is fast, and is suitable for tea which needs to be soaked for a short time.

The teapot produces water slowly, which is suitable for tea soaked for a long time.

Pottery tea set

Soil sand has strong sensitivity and low sintering degree.

Thick fetus, dull knocking sound

The surface has many stomata and is easy to absorb water and taste.

Low density, slow heat transfer

Ceramic tea sets are suitable for making tea with heavy style, because the adsorbability of pottery will strengthen this heavy and low style. Tea soup enters and exits in the stomata of the inner wall of pottery, reacts with some mineral elements in pottery soil, and the mellow flavor and change of tea become more prominent.

Suitable brewing tea

Mixiang Black Tea, Wuyi Rock Tea, Rebaked Taiwan Oolong Tea, Shoumei Tea, Puer Tea, etc.

Purple clay tea set

In the concept of "ceramics", porcelain, stoneware and pottery are included. Purple sand ware is classified as stoneware or pottery. Purple sand tea sets have high porosity, strong water absorption and excellent air permeability. Because of high quality purple sand and unique double stomatal structure, purple sand tea sets have a certain moisturizing effect on tea soup.

Purple sand tea sets, like ordinary pottery tea sets, are suitable for making thick and heavy-flavored tea, especially heavy fermentation, re-baked tea and old tea. Generally, green tea does not use purple sand tea sets, easy to absorb the light taste of green tea, but also easy to smother fresh green tea.

Suitable brewing tea

Wuyi Rock Tea, Old Pu'er Tea, Old White Tea, Black Tea, etc.

Glass tea set

Compared with ceramics, glass tea sets have the irreplaceable characteristic of transparency. Through the glass, you can see the color of the tea soup and the shape of the tea. Whether it is a glass pot, a glass fair cup or a glass teacup, it is very ornamental.

Suitable brewing tea

Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, etc.

We usually use more ceramic tea sets than glass tea sets. There may be several reasons:

Ceramic tea sets have a long history of tea making, and ceramics are more in line with the elegance of tea.

(2) Ceramics come from soil and are fired by fire. Their properties are in agreement with those of tea.

(3) The style of glass products is relatively less abundant than that of ceramic products.

(4) Glass is more fragile than ceramics, and broken glass is sharper, thinner and more harmful than ceramics.

Although the above points do not clearly explain the difference between ceramic tea sets and glass tea sets, but there must be a reason for its existence, interested friends, you can try to compare.

The above content is a deductive and empirical summary of the influence of tea set material characteristics on tea flavor. The influence of tea set material, shape and capacity on tea can be said to be very subtle. Perhaps not everyone feels the same, but comparing according to this way of thinking, we can still find differences.

For tea lovers, it is a great pleasure to find the most suitable tea set and brew the best taste for their favorite tea.

Cup tea

Tea-making is not rigid and flexible, but it is also well-founded.

Repeated brewing, careful observation, experience accumulated, according to the characteristics of tea, it is easy to find the best brewing method.

As the biography of Yue Fei in the Song Dynasty said, "The magic of application lies in one heart".

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